Neon Runner game redesign and re-imagination [Dev. notes 1]

Months ago I posted about my new game in Unreal Engine 4. And how it should look like.

Now when I have developed most of gameplay, created main menu and some level generators, I can show you the results.

Main Menu

Previous concept of main menu was in light colors and nice big buttons. But after some months of different ideas how to make game interesting, I decided to make design darker, add more neon-like colors and some grain old post process FX.

This is how the main menu looks like now.

Glowing particles flying from bottom to top, blurred background, lens flares, and dark buttons.

Level Design

Level design also changed a lot itself.

It is black, neon, contrast and looks awesome to play. The main concept of top-down runner moved to default runner. I removed the floor and added black sky fog.

Also you can see particle flying around the level, they are interactive and gain more speed with time.

Tiles, grass, spikes and all other objects have glow effect. It looks nice and adds some kind of authenticity to the game.


So what we have?

A nice glowing game in dark colors with speed, movement, traps and powerups, redesigned gameplay and assets, and neew objectives to reach.

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