Epic Dungeon Runner Game

Announcing the Epic Dungeon Runner!

OurĀ first 3D game for mobile devices. The point of game is to run as far as you can and collect coins. Too simple isn’t it?

Game is full of unpredictable traps, coins, loot, magic, and even more!

Everything as we like

As the trends of 2016 to make games simple, this one is developed with low poly geometry, to make the experience simple and awesome.

Low poly geometry makes it as authentic as simple and easy to play on high FPS on mobile devices. Tunnels are generated randomly and you never know what can appear in next path. We can add lots of particles and other effects with such simple geometry. Also randomizer natively adds traps and props in dungeon.

While you travel, your main point is to collect points and coins. Meanwhile you have to heal yourself to stay alive and survive some of the traps on your way.

The danger

On your way your speed is getting bigger and it becomes hard to concentrate on object. This is the point. Deungeon tunnels are dangerous, every block can hold a secret inside or you can find traps on your way.

So how far can you run in this tough Epic Dungeon Runner ?

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Approx date of release: 04.17.2017