New approach to game development and a bit about me :)

Just got started with new website design and clean posts feed.

here i will write my reviews for games, game development and some more notices. Hope this would be interesting and positive.

My name is Markus and I work as Unity3D developer, by the way on my free time I work with Unreal Engine, play games and watch anime.

My passion for video games started a long time ago, when i was 10 i started playing video games very seriously, and now 10 years later i started development of my own games.

I am working on two projects right now, one of them is on it’s finish and the other – on the beginning. I like developing for desktop but my first game is going to be for mobile devices, just because it’s simple and easy, the mobile audience is larger and people play more addictive games.

So this is only a new beginning for my website and blog. I am going to post some dev-notes, game releases, my applications and project, all things that i create would be here. And as I am an creative person, as I can describe myself, there would be many categories like: dev-notes, games, posters, art, materials, cg, libraries, plugins and some other projects.

Hope that you’ll like them all and support me in my beginnings!

Later here would be post about my new game coming soon, there is a lot ow text to be written about, as much work was made and I a m in a bit of a hurry. So please be patient and check my website soon again. So this is all for now, hope that this big rebuild of my website would make it better, more useful and popular for you – the readers!

Have a nice day and thank you for your attention 🙂

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