Runner game

Sneak peek at my new game

Hey there!

Here is a sneak peek post about my new game that I will be releasing soon. This is a mobile infinite runner game.


Run as far as you can, survive and challenge other players score.


On your way you can find some dangerous stuff, like large peaks, blocks of lava, and soon there will be more! (i think)

Anything interesting?

While you run, you can collect coins that are randomly generated on all level till it’s end. By collecting these coins each time you run you can become a rich b***h and purchase some awesome skins for your player.

You can begin your run as 15 different persons.

How much?

This game would be free of charge and any ads.

This is my first game and to celebrate it I decided to remove all ads that I wanted and make this game completely free.

So whats’s the point?


just kill your time in infinite running challenge, without annoying adds and other stuff, compete with higher scores and more.

All of this s**t is in a modern pixelated style. To make this game more old-fashioned.

Soooo… wait for release date..

The release date would be posted soon, with some more info about this game. Probably I will create a new page for it and display some more screenshots there 🙂

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